Cornwall: St Michael’s Mount

Posted on September 08, 2014 under Photos, Places, Travel

Easily my favourite part of the trip was arriving to find a small island that was practically just a mountain, and atop the mountain stood a castle. If you don’t already know, I have a few passions in this life and one of them is small islands and another one is castles. Basically the whole weekend can be marked by me excitedly squealing “CASTLE!” every time I saw it. I also took photos of it from about a million angles… from down near Perranuthnoe, from Marizon, from Penzance, from Mousehole… you get the idea. Everywhere I went, I took photos of the castle.

I’m going to spare you all of those and focus on the photos from the day that we actually went to visit the castle on the mountain. Also known as My Favourite Day. We even went to the Sunday church service (surprise: another one of my passions are churches/cathedrals, even though I am an atheist).

stmichaelsmount1 stmichaelsmount2 stmichaelsmount3 stmichaelsmount4 stmichaelsmount5 stmichaelsmount6 stmichaelsmount7 stmichaelsmount8 stmichaelsmount9 stmichaelsmount10 stmichaelsmount11 stmichaelsmount12 stmichaelsmount13 stmichaelsmount14 stmichaelsmount15 stmichaelsmount16

Cornwall: Mousehole

Posted on September 08, 2014 under Photos, Places, Travel

Okay, so hands up if you read the name of this town as “Mouse hole.” Unfortunately, you do not win at Cornish place names if you did. This place’s name is said like “Mowzul” because people in Cornwall have funny accents. Even though you do not explicitly say “mouse” when you say the name, the place definitely is running with the joke, and many of the shops have punny names related to mice and holes.

mousehole mousehole2 mousehole3 mousehole4 mousehole5 mousehole6 mousehole7 mousehole8 mousehole9 mousehole10 mousehole11 mousehole12 mousehole13 mousehole14

Cornwall: Penzance

Posted on September 08, 2014 under Photos, Places, Travel

On our first full day in Cornwall we decided to really go for it and do an 11km walk from Marazion to Penzance to Mousehole! It was a really great way to spend the day and see a few different places. Plus it was exceptionally nice outside. Yes, I burned my neck/shoulder and face rather badly. But, other than that, it was a pretty great day.

These photos are from our walk between Marazion and Mousehole with a bit of Penzance in the middle!

penzance1 penzance2 penzance3 penzance4 penzance5 penzance6 penzance7 penzance8 penzance9 penzance10 penzance11 penzance12 penzance13