Snapshots from the last few weeks

Posted on August 18, 2014 under Photos

The last few weeks I have been playing tourist around London with my parents and travelling up and down the country a bit. Here are some random photos I took on my phone during that time.

Inside a church (I love churches!):


One of my favourite things at the V&A:


Representing Canada at Brighton Pride:


Pretty castle walls in Lewes:


Fun Shawshank Redemption jokes in Camden:


A broken window in my flat:


The Shard:


Poppies at the Tower of London:



Canadian Wedding Adventures!

Posted on August 04, 2014 under Canada, Family, Friends, Photos, Travel

I recently returned from a trip to Canada where I was being a bridesmaid in my friend Lissa’s wedding! Three out of four of the bridesmaids travelled from outside of Canada to be at the wedding, and we had a pretty great week together.

For the bachelorette we went white water rafting in the Rocky Mountains followed by lunch in Canmore, dinner in Calgary and bowling!


I also had a chance to travel through the prairies to have lunch with a big group of my family who live in Edmonton.

Prairies Prairies

The night before the Big Day, Lissa gave us these beautiful gifts for being bridesmaids.


The next day was the wedding. We spent all morning getting ready. The ceremony and reception took place in a historical village. So picturesque!

Dress Guys Park

And, of course, we took a lot of blurry selfies throughout the day. Had to capture all the retro hair and makeup!


Such an amazing trip back!

Castle Canada Day

Posted on June 29, 2014 under Canada, Photos, Places

At home, summer doesn’t seem to really kick off until July first. This is Canada Day, and it is the day where we really let loose and be obnoxiously patriotic… in the most stereotypically polite way that we know how.

For a long time it was a bucket list item of mine to celebrate Canada Day in Trafalgar Square at the huge annual party held there. Luckily, I was able to do this last year as, unluckily, the event was cancelled this year due to lack of sponsorship or some other sadness.

But Canadians are resilient! We will not simply allow Canada Day to be cancelled. Cue Castle Canada Day! A new Canadian event, held at Herstmonceux Castle, which is actually owned by the Canadian university, Queens.

There was street hockey (although “street” is a bit of a loose term as it was held at the end of what would have once been a drawbridge), a castle tour, an amazing barbecue (again, loosely using the word “barbecue” as the food was of an incredibly high standard, served on actual plates rather than paper, by servers who wore bow ties), and excellent musical entertainment.

Here are some of my photos of the day. There’s probably more Castle than Canada Day in these photos, but what can I say, I have a bit of a castle obsession (as you know).

Canada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada DayCanada Day