Sugar Free September

Posted on August 29, 2014 under Gluten/Dairy, Personal

My friend Jem is insane and does this thing called “Sugar Free September.” Sounds awful, right? I agree. So, why have I been convinced to try it as well? It’s because summer sucks. While I think, on the whole, I eat a bit less in the summer (due to my body’s natural response to not needing as much energy to create heat), what I do eat sucks. A lot of summer food comes down to convenience and convenience food doesn’t do anyone any favours. A solid month of the summer was spent with me barely stopping at home to sleep, let alone eat, and included a trip to another country where I only ate at restaurants. Add in the fact that I follow a gluten free diet out of necessity, and you can assume that my body has been filled with all the crappy gluten free replacement food… The bulk of which is actually made of sugar and horrible fillers. (Yes, GF being a “healthier option” really is a myth!)

I need a reset. And the only way I’ll (hopefully) do it is if there’s the loss of pride involved. Oh, and this blog to keep me accountable and shame me into doing it (hopefully, once more).

So here are the rules:

  • No refined sugar. Obviously.
  • No tea or coffee because I dislike it without sugar. Which basically means no caffeine at all, since I can’t/don’t usually drink carbonated caffeinated beverages anyway.
  • No pasta, because gluten free pasta is full of crap. Essentially this eliminates my milk consumption as, other than in tea and coffee, I really only use milk in pasta sauces.
  • No fruit juices (I don’t know if I can live without orange juice but I guess I will find out).
  • No alcohol, really, because my usual drink of choice is cider and I can’t think of very much sugar free alcohol that tastes like candy, which is the only thing I tend to drink. Not that I’m a big drinker anyway.
  • No fake sugars or sugar replacements. I will allow honey, but not in any of the things mentioned on this list and sparingly (i.e. the cake lady at Street Diner is making gluten free cakes that use honey as their only sweetener… I might have that on one or two of the Fridays in September).
  • No bread because finding a sugar free gluten free bread is impossible and I’m too lazy to try to make my own, yay!
  • No gluten free replacement food PERIOD. It’s so awful.
  • No no no no no.

So, by process of elimination, you can guess 1) that I will need to plan my meals and snacks very carefully and 2) that I’m going to be eating a lot of combinations of rice with veggies and meat. Which, honestly, is what I should be doing anyway. Because, for the millionth time in this entry, gluten free replacement food is AWFUL and should be used sparingly.

Obviously September kicks off on Monday, so you can guess how I will be spending my weekend – by stuffing my face full of any sugar-filled things I can find. I mean, I have to use the food I already have. It’s not nice to be wasteful. ;)

Hopefully you will get an update on how it’s going each week. Provided I make it through a full week. Eep.

Snapshots from the last few weeks

Posted on August 18, 2014 under Photos

The last few weeks I have been playing tourist around London with my parents and travelling up and down the country a bit. Here are some random photos I took on my phone during that time.

Inside a church (I love churches!):


One of my favourite things at the V&A:


Representing Canada at Brighton Pride:


Pretty castle walls in Lewes:


Fun Shawshank Redemption jokes in Camden:


A broken window in my flat:


The Shard:


Poppies at the Tower of London:



Canadian Wedding Adventures!

Posted on August 04, 2014 under Canada, Family, Friends, Photos, Travel

I recently returned from a trip to Canada where I was being a bridesmaid in my friend Lissa’s wedding! Three out of four of the bridesmaids travelled from outside of Canada to be at the wedding, and we had a pretty great week together.

For the bachelorette we went white water rafting in the Rocky Mountains followed by lunch in Canmore, dinner in Calgary and bowling!


I also had a chance to travel through the prairies to have lunch with a big group of my family who live in Edmonton.

Prairies Prairies

The night before the Big Day, Lissa gave us these beautiful gifts for being bridesmaids.


The next day was the wedding. We spent all morning getting ready. The ceremony and reception took place in a historical village. So picturesque!

Dress Guys Park

And, of course, we took a lot of blurry selfies throughout the day. Had to capture all the retro hair and makeup!


Such an amazing trip back!